Gianmarco Limenta interview

January 12th 2019

When you were starting your career ┬┐Which were your first influences in the music world and why?

As a child, when I watched television with my family, my world stopped every time I saw a DJ on the screen. I remember putting the TV at the maximum volume to listen to them play and to see their interviews. At the age of 12, he imagined that this must be a magical world.

Every day , on the Italian radio program “DI DI DI “, they put together a compilation of the best dance records of the time. I recorded all the songs I liked on cassette tapes and then mixed them with two players. One of the first DJs that influenced me was Eric Morillo, of Colombian origin, with his Latin-House music, which became a real inspiration for me.

Over the years I left aside the house style of the 90s and looked for a more underground musical style , following Claudio Coccoluto, Ralf, Sasha, Oxia, Stefano Noferini and Carl Cox, among others.

I could say that at 15 years old, at my parents’ house, I already had a real club in my room, in which I spent my evenings playing and bothering the neighbors with “that loud music”. Now I know they remember me with a lot of affection and they are my first fans.

Some time later, with a little practice learned at home, I started mixing at my friends’ private parties. I did it for free, until the voice spread quickly to start playing in the premises of my hometown (ARONA, Piemonte Italy).

How do you usually prepare for a set? From the decision of the themes that you are going to mix and their relationship to create a unique thread.

When I started, I carried a briefcase with many CDs of varied musical styles. I used to improvise in my presentations according to the audience in front of me. This was in addition to the smalls club in which I played, people would not listen to a music style in particular, just going to dance the classic styles from Barry White, Michael Jackson or Madonna, even to the undergrounds ones like Frankie Knuckles, Mousse T, Deep Dish and Mauro Picotto, mixing everything with a lot of harmony.

The truth is that was a different time. I used to buy music in my city store or go through it all if you were looking for a particular album. Now with technology it’s all much easier, the music is on the web and there are specialized DJ platforms, like Beatport or Traxsource, to name the most known, where you can buy what you want. The digital format has changed the way people carry and think about music. With a USB device and a mixer such as recordbox of Pionner you can organize all the issues that you are mixing in the session.

This poses another challenge, that of the personality and style of the DJ, for this I try leave a good impression in my sessions, so I always go in search of unknown themes to customize the most of my sets.

What are your goals and objectives as a producer and DJ?

So far I feel very fortunate and happy with what I have achieved, I have been able to play in well-known European clubs and that will help me reach a level of world fame.

This year 2019 I would like to focus on producing new songs, but today there are many producers and I know there are not enough space so that everyone can publish. For this, I would like to create my own label to help other artists with their productions.

From your point of view, what role does improvisation play in your sets?

Fundamental! I always show up prepared with a set but also improvise something. Is very important for me keep in toch with the public, look at people and capture what you want. Each session is different because there is always a different audience.

Until today, what are the most important achievements of your career?

One of the most important achivements was sign my first album “Clear my mind” with an important producer as is PACHA RECORDINGS of Ibiza, with which the famous Pacha brand used my theme in 2017 as a spot for its clothing campaign.

Another achievement I consider important was the opening sessions for very high level DJs as Cassius, Dario D’Attis, Chez Damier, Alaia & Gallo and many more. Also have my Calendar full of dates of events is very important, this past year 2018 I had about 483 sessions.

Currently, being an emerging artist represents a challenge, how do you manage to approach the public and define a style in the midst of so many social and technological changes?

Is a long as complicated road. Today many people want to be DJ, working and live from it, being this very easy with the new electronic devices.

I started very young because I feel love for this profession, although it was very underpaid, arduous and sometimes full of drug and alcohol. It was not as “top” work as it is now, in which it is almost like being a singer, actor or football player.

I think that 70% of people want to be a DJ in this new generation because of fashion, or to enter an “exclusive” group in which it is very easy to say “I am a DJ and producer” using Youtube, Instagran or Facebook.

But my advice for all those boys and girls who wants to follow this path is to be constant for many years, to become a professional DJ.

When you do not work or do not take care of the music, what do you like to do in your free time?

I am a lover of nature, also I like to walk and listen to the noise of the city. In those moments I feel that I can concentrate more on myself, disconnect, relax and renew energies.

I like sport and enjoy running on the beach, doing fitness or stretching. I also like motorcycles and cars and if I have a free day I make routes around the city.

The truth is that I liked small cars modeling, for hours I used to make tiny cars, but now that same time I dedicate to music. Produce and work in clubs and keep me quite busy. That’s really what makes me happiest. However I consider myself a chameleonic person who adapts to many situations and for that reason I can not stop being up to date, of knowing what is happening, of traveling and reading a lot.


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