Gianmarco Limenta "Tonight" on Glasgow Underground - Gianmarco Limenta

Gianmarco Limenta releases a new track, “Tonight“, on the famous UK label “Glasgow Underground“.

Sometimes the best dance tracks break the rules musically. That was the case with Gianmarco Limenta’s “Doesn’t Matter”. Sam Dexter tried to get me to sign it to GU. I initially said yes but then thought it needed some A&R. I had a look at the track and realised it was in two separate keys. For some reason, I tried to “fix it” by putting everything in the right key. In the end, I couldn’t and so passed on signing it. However, Sam still loved it and released it on his Hungarian Hot Wax label. It has gone on to be his label’s best seller and is still in the Deep House top 10. It reminded me of a valuable lesson I learned early on; if it feels right, it is right! Thankfully, Gianmarco came back to us with this new monster for GU. “Tonight” is a super dj friendly deep heater with a killer groove and beautiful vocals. Dive in!



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