Two years of Get in Tone Records - Gianmarco Limenta

Happy 2nd anniversary to Get in Tone Records!

It’s fantastic to hear about the success and growth of Gianmarco Limenta’s label over these two years. With support from renowned DJs like Marco Carola, Stefano Noferini, and Gordo, it’s clear that Get in Tone Records has made a significant impact in the music industry.

The label’s dedication to nurturing emerging talents like loWrence (IT) and Alessandro Pintus is commendable. The EP “Dance like you” by loWrence and the track “Dame Mas” gaining recognition from DJ Gordo are impressive milestones. Additionally, the collaboration between Alessandro Pintus and Gianmarco Limenta on “Sally,” which has caught the attention of Marco Carola and Stefano Noferini, is a testament to the label’s commitment to quality music.

As Get in Tone Records continues to grow in prestige, it’s exciting to anticipate the new hits and talents that the label will bring to the forefront. Here’s to more years of success and fantastic music!


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